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Master Stick Maker

Please note: I am not trading at present.

Sparkx hard at work by the river

Bespoke stick maker based in Cambridge.

Sparkx hard at work by the river


I have a background in Green wood-working over the last 4 decades.

Green wood-working is about working wood "green" then storing and seasoning it.

All the wood I use comes from sustainable sources, so called "working woods". Working woods are managed, as in coppiced, every 6 to 7 years.

I also recycle second-hand sticks from charity shops though this is the smallest part of my business. The majority of my decorative stock comes from charitable sources, the rest comes from sustainable sources.


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Art is best contacted via SMS to +44 (0)791 4921428 (Please remember to leave your name!). If you really must you can email him at , though be prepared for a long wait before a reply.